Mechanic’s Liens

All services to record your Mechanic’s Lien and for foreclosure and collection of your Lien.


For the vast majority of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers working in Illinois, receiving payment at the end of a completed job is simply a matter of submitting an invoice and waiting for your money from a satisfied customer. Unfortunately, regardless of the quality of your work and materials, you will always find those unwilling to meet their obligations. If you need to file a Mechanic’s Lien to obtain financial satisfaction for your hard work, give us a call here at Bablo Law, so we guide you through the entire Mechanic’s Lien process.

How It Works

Here at Bablo Law, we have the legal experience and knowledge to guarantee that your Mechanic’s Lien is filed correctly and within the required deadline. A great many tradesmen wonder if their work qualifies them to use this legal mechanism to recoup from recalcitrant clients, and we are here to take the mystery out of that entire process.

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