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Although they are rare legalistic terms for the majority of people, Detinue and Replevin reference a portion of tort law dealing with the wrongful taking and returning of personal property. While rooted in medieval law, probably the most prevalent modern understanding for us would be going out to the street to discover that our car had been repossessed during the night. At its simplest, Detinue and Replevin allow for the taking of property pending a final determination of a court of law. Here at Bablo Law, we take the mystery out of these arcane legal terms while providing the best in legal representation for those with property disputes.

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For Detinue and Replevin representation, we are standing by to help you resolve your property dispute and ensure that you get control of your property . Call Bablo Law today to discover how Detinue and Replevin legal action can remove the anxiety and stress associated with a property dispute.

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